Key Personnel 

Joy Young, Managing Director 

Joy Young has over 30 years of natural gas experience including Nominations, Production, Accounting, Operations, Transportation and Marketing. Holding positions ranging from Accounting Supervisor to Operations Manager as an employee of energy service companies, her responsibilities included balancing, billing, reconciliation, contracts, projections, nominations and all aspects of Gas Operations for customers, pipeline and utilities in California and the Pacific Northwest. Ms. Young served as a team leader on a gas management system (GMS) and software project that implemented a workable software package for managing a geographical and customer diverse portfolio of natural gas transactions.

In addition to her natural gas experience, Ms. Young has been involved in the initial development of the electric power marketing division of Mock Resources. Ms. Young also has 20 years of Transportation experience in the Steamship Industry. 

Ms. Young has developed and administrated gas operations and gas accounting for a managed client base. With her extensive history in energy, Ms. Young has managed and maintained California Production for major producers and co-generators in the state, successfully integrating this into the consumer demands by utility or pipe. 

Suzanne McFadden, Managing Director 

Suzanne McFadden has over 25 years experience in the natural gas industry, as well as an 28-year background of administrative and accounting experience in both the manufacturing and service industry sectors. 

By fulfilling both Operations and Accounting functions as an energy service company administrator, her responsibilities have included balancing, billing, reconciliation, contracts, projections, nominations and gas operations for customers, pipelines and utilities in California.

Ms. McFadden's administrative expertise in the natural gas operations/accounting functions has enabled her success in managing our clients' needs and activities in the areas of contract administration and credit, nominations and imbalance trading. Her close utility relationship have resulted in an in-depth understanding of the California Utilities and Pipelines.